Raising her right

This morning I asked Mollie what she wanted to drink with her breakfast. She gave it some thought and said, "I would like.... um.... ahem.... I think....um.... I want a big girl drink. Tea, yeah, I want tea!"

Now we're not talking Southern sweet tea. In our house "tea" is piping hot, British-style. You know, the stuff they threw into Boston Harbor.

When I was little, my grandma always made "hocus pocus tea"- regular tea with sugar and lots of milk. My cousin Katie and I would drink it with her out of these tiny little teacups and it was so much fun. So, Mollie and I may have a little afternoon tea today, hocus-pocus style.


salsita said...

The thought of an afternoon tea with a little girl is so fun! I think you should pull out some silly big hats too and invite the my little ponies to be your guests of honor! Wish I were there!

nea said...

that is how we drink our tea, too. i have decaf just for her. and she loves tea parties with my mom. in fact, ikea sells an adorable little tea set. :) salsita, you can come down to our house for a tea party with me and lala (in a couple of weeks when our new back deck is done)!