Sibling Rivalry?

Mollie hit Lucy today. Just smacked her because she wouldn't turn her head toward Mollie and look at her face. This is the first instance of agression I've ever seen Mollie show towards Lucy. How could I raise a child who would hit a baby?

And yesterday she hit me. In both instances I was very firm and very clear in saying that hitting is wrong and we're going to have a talk with her tonight about it. It happened in the car on the way to school so I couldn't put her in time out or take a way a toy.

I think I need to read up about agression in children...

It was not a good way to start off the day. I've been feeling down all day.

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nea said...

S, lucy is about the age finn was when lala first hit him. i wonder if it is a length-of-time-since-baby's-arrival thing? mollie probably is now understanding lucy isn't leaving and there are times when she is getting attention that mollie used to.
i promise it will pass. this only happened a couple of time with finn, and yes, lala hit us, too. i want to say the whole thing lasted a week or less.