Weekend in pictures

Great weekend! Here are the highlights:
- Mollie and I made Mexican wedding cookies and then had a lovely tea party (complete with Mr. Bear and a few dolls).
-After Matt did battle with the yard, we had a barbecue.
-We found a cardinal's nest with 3 eggs in it by our back deck.
-Lucy helped me correct quizzes.
-Mollie made a "fairy" garden.

There were a few "lowlights" too- Lucy had a red puffy eye so I spent a few hours going to the after hours clinic and waiting for a prescription. And we had a few issues with sleeping- both kids. So it wasn't a "restful" weekend, but it was truly enjoyable.


nea said...

i love the weekend in photos and summary. makes you seem closer. :)

salsita said...

How fun! I saw your quizzed and it took me back to my days of correcting. It's good you have a helper!