Mollie is really developing emotionally. She is now afraid of monsters at night. I know this is a totally normal phase in child development but it's very hard to deal with as a parent. She seems to respond well if I "check" on her every 10 min or so as she's trying to fall asleep. Unfortunately her bedroom is upstairs so that means at least 3-4 (or more) trips upstairs after she goes to bed. Maybe this will help me lose some weight?

I read a parenting website that suggested sitting in your child's room until they fall asleep (read a book, use your laptop, etc) would provide your child a little extra security until s/he outgrows the fear. But I LIVE for that quiet time right after Mollie goes to sleep and before I am ready for bed myself. I'm thinking I could just plan to stay upstairs and do some sewing or other work down the hall from, but not IN, her room.

Mollie has also been bringing up friends and family that she misses a lot (like Izzy and her grandparents). Her ballet class is over for the year and she's really sad that she's going to miss her teacher. I think she's developing the concepts of time and distance a little bit. Looking at pictures or videos helps.

It's so ironic that I want Mollie to develop the strength and confidence be able to deal with these feelings by herself, but that means she really is growing up. Aack! This is happening too fast!

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