Bush: ‘If There Was a Magic Wand to Wave, I’d Be Waving It’

I don't often have time (or enough nerve) to read the text of W's press conferences. If they weren't so seriously distressing, they would actually be quite funny. I heard this brief clip on the radio today so I decided I had to read the whole thing. When will this EVER end? The answer can be found at the countdown clock!

Here's an excerpt from today's conference:

Q But do you think we’re winning? Do you think we’re winning?

THE PRESIDENT: I do, I think we’re making good progress. I do, yes.

Q Can I just add to that, a couple weeks ago —

THE PRESIDENT: No, you can’t. This is the second follow-up. You usually get one follow-up, and I was nice enough to give you one. I didn’t give anybody on this side a follow-up, and now you are trying to take a second follow-up.

Q They didn’t try.

THE PRESIDENT: I know you try.


Q Can I just say —

THE PRESIDENT: They just cut off your mic. You can’t, no.

Q A couple weeks ago you said —

THE PRESIDENT: Now she’s going to go without the mic. This is awesome. (Laughter.)

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