I've been lagging on pictures....

... so here are a bunch! I cut my hair even shorter. I really like it. This is really a wash/dry/go kind of style.

Mollie loves to hold Lucy at every opportunity. And Lucy is getting huge (obviously).

Mollie also likes to help her daddy outside. Here she is with her toy chain saw (or "see saw" as she calls it).

Lucy loves bathtime, sleepytime, and her bathrobe! Recognize the robe, T?


seattlemom said...

I like the new haircut! I also have a really short cut. I'll have to get brave enough to get a pic of myself posted soon. A

nea said...

oh, god. just what i needed. soooo cute. lucy is keeping up with finn in size. :) good, healthy babies!
and finn has the towel version of that robe. very stylish.
and i love the cut, too. i got mine cut after you were here and i already need it cut again. i feel the same way about the "shorter."