What would you do?

Saturday I went to the market to pick up a prescription and a few groceries. I was walking down the detergent aisle and I noticed something on the floor. There were two other guys in the aisle who said it didn't belong to them, so I picked it up. It was an envelope FULL of money! Not just a few bucks, but enough that it could have been somebody's monthly salary. So... my heart skipped a beat and then I had to decide what to do (in consultation with Matt via phone). I figured whoever dropped it was probably still in the store so I decided to bring it to the front. The store manager and I counted it; he made a brief announcement ("a package has been found and is at the customer service desk") and then took my contact information and put the "package" in the safe. We left it at that and decided we would turn it into the police if no one claimed it in a few days.

I was kind of hoping that no one would claim it, but a woman left me a message yesterday thanking me for turning it in (how she could carry that much money around and not be more careful I will never understand).

Oh well. What goes around comes around, right?

UPDATE: The owner of the money left me a thank you note and a VERY generous (cash) reward. There certainly was no need for that, but it makes a nice ending to this story!

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