Achieving balance

Going back to work has been okay so far. I think the big challenge for me is going to be finding the right balance between work and home. The nature of my work (and my boss) makes it hard to do part-time. I just read an article about how so many mothers want to work part-time but when they try it, they find a bunch of issues:

- they end up doing the same amount of work but only getting paid for part-time
- they lose respect from their colleagues who think that part-time work is a cop out
- they find out that working part-time doesn't make sense financially

I think I'm going to give this part-time business a chance and then re-evaluate in the summer.

In other news, I picked up some freecycle items today (kids clothes) and they came with a bunch of brand new beanie babies. Mollie is thrilled!

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seattlemom said...

I know your pain. I found that I really enjoyed being home with them more when we moved here. It was the first time that I stayed home for any lenght of time. I could almost do it full time. I'm hoping my new job will be a better balance. You really need to look for work out here! A