My two girls

Gosh it's fun having two girls. I love how Mollie enjoys doing arts and crafts (as I do). The flower pictures in the windows were her idea! And I love how Lucy and Mollie adore each other. Mollie can always make Lucy smile and she is such a loving big sister.


nea said...

everyone i know that just had a baby has 2 girls now. and i am here to say that the sibling admiration is the same, despite gender. :) it is sooo cute to watch. no-one can make a baby smile more than an older sibling. except maybe mamma, right?! ;)

PleaseRecycle said...

nea I totally agree! And the giggling baby makes the older sib feel so proud!

Anonymous said...

you should see Izzy and Xander play now. She really loves her little brother and he imatates everything she does. it just keeps getting better. Amy