Good Day

Today Mollie had a play date with a new friend (from ballet class). Her mom was one of the few "normal" moms- not super into ballet, make-up, etc. for 3-4 year old girls. So we got together and the girls had a GREAT time! They played for a few hours, had an indoor picnic under the table like Bing Bunny (it was raining), and then played some more!

And in the afternoon while Mollie was relaxing, I had time to sew her a cute little shirt (no "action" shot because it's too cold!).


nea said...

okay, how is it lucy is 1.5 mo younger than finn and you are waayyyy ahead of me on getting it together to do sewing projects? you go girl! where did you get that pattern?

PleaseRecycle said...

It is Simplicity 4206 and it's super easy!! It took about 2 hours to do the whole thing (including cutting out the pattern). Also has a cute skirt, shorts, and pants. The pattern was on sale for $1.99 last week so I picked it up and plan to make some other summer-y stuff (with a bunch of fabric I already have).