Storage tips

I am always looking for new storage solutions to reduce some of our clutter, mainly craft-related things or toys with small pieces. One thing that seems to be economical, healthy, and useful are those plastic clamshell containers from the Earthbound Farms pre-washed greens.

Economical- we're already buying the lettuce (can't grow our own because it's too shady)
Healthy- encourages salad consumption and is a way to "reuse"
Useful- they are clear so you can see what's in them, they are easy for a kid to open, and they stack for even more storage

Got this idea from my mom- thanks!

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nea said...

you know, i thought the same thing last week when i finished up a plastic tub of green from costco. recycled it as i just couldn't find a need and don't want to clutter my space with storage solutions i don't need, but i love the idea!