Dollar stores

People in the South really love their "dollar" stores- there's Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, Dollar General, etc. Even living here, I've only set foot in a dollar store a handful of times. It seems like there are some good deals on things like scrub brushes, but, personally, I don't need more stuff in my house!!!! Even if it's cheap stuff (okay, a dining room set would be nice but they don't have those there).

Here is a one more reason not to shop at dollar stores. I subscribe to the Consumer Product Safety Commission recall list (for infant/child products) and a huge percentage of recalled products are found exclusively in dollar stores. These are usually small trinkets, kids jewelry, and other small toys.

These (weekly) recalls are reminders that it is important to pay attention to where the things we buy come from. Dish towels selling for $0.99 can't be manufactured with a lot of thought given to product design and safety, the working conditions of the employees, environmental consequences of the process, etc.

It seems like dollar stores encourage people to treat things that should be somewhat durable (like towels, utensils, and toys) like they are disposable. Is there anything redeeming about dollar stores?

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Anonymous said...

Wonder why you got any responses to this, Its good you don't buy or shop at Dollar stores, maybe brand names and high prices is your thing but not everyone is able I do love Dollar stores like with any store you decied if the product is worth paying the sticker price for a dish towel, or a Dinette Set, it is left up to the consumer to chose.