Getting Things Done Weekend

We have had a fun and productive weekend. We've celebrated my dad's birthday, trick or treated for Halloween, barbecued, had our first fire in the fireplace of the season, and had a nice dinner out. Mollie and I also had our German lesson and Mollie went to a play with her friend Bella.

My dad has been here visiting since Tuesday and he has been a fabulous help. In addition to reading to, playing with, and being "entertained" by Mollie and Lucy, he also helped rearrange our storage room (no small feat), replaced some 70's brown shutters with light-filtering shades, hung a bed canopy in Mollie's room, and uncovered at least several square feet of concrete by clearing the leaves off the driveway and trimming some bushes! Wow, I'm tired just writing that.

We also purchased a beautiful new (to us) dining room set from an estate sale- table, chairs, and china cabinet. This is our first dining set ever, so I'm in the process of unpacking dishes that we had stored away. Mollie can't wait to have a fancy dinner in our dining room sometime soon.

Matt did some major trimming, wood cutting, and cleaned off the deck. You would think with all the recent yard work that our yard would look fabulous, but I think it would take a crew of 6 two days to really clear out all the weeds, ivy, dead trees, etc. Right now it can only be described as a "natural" setting.

I am trying to declutter- I have a pile of baby gear ready to be shipped off to Katie and Blake and have designated a few things as attic-bound.

So, most of these things are still works in progress, but at least they are in mid-late stages, rather than stuck at the beginning, or worse, not even started.

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nea said...

damn. you guys are GOOD!