Lucy's Crib

Sorry for the blurry picture- Lucy's room is tiny and it was hard to focus.
And yes, those are Lu's chubby little legs in the lower left corner.

Nea posted about some of her collections-vintage/embroidered linens in particular. That's also a love of mine and I mentioned that I had made a "crib skirt" for Lucy's crib out of some old linens.

I had this blue gingham fabric shower curtain from when we lived in Boston and I simply laid it out on the mattress support. Then, to cover the short end, I pinned two embroidered hand towels (the pins are way under the mattress so not accessible to little hands) to the shower curtain. It has a vintage "feel" event though it's not vintage. It would be really cute to do something similar with a bunch of vintage towels sewn to a piece of muslin. Katie, watch out- I might get crafty before that baby is born!!!!


nea said...

"sew" cute, S! i love it! and thanks for the singer machine give away link! off to do the same!

nea said...

hey did you just right click and save image for the singer machine link from your page? every time i do this, it saves a different pollywogged image, so even though i am linked, my image isn't showing a machine give away!

BookyG said...

My favorite thing about the picture (other than your fabulous creativity of course) are the baby legs in the corner.