New China Cabinet Brings New Problems

I love our new dining room set (pictures coming soon), but since unpacking all of our china and glassware, I have discovered a new problem: our china pattern has been discontinued!

If you see any pieces at second-hand shops, antique shops, craigslist, etc., let me know! I have five place settings (enough for Thanksgiving this year), but I would love to get a few more.

The pattern (pictured above) is Westport by Waterford. Expensive, I know- that's why we only have 5 place settings. But I really love it!


BookyG said...

If you can't find enough second hand to complete your set, you could always look to purchase another style that is complementary and set the table every other one. That is what Merilee, my mother-in-law (the teddy bear designing artist) would most likely do. Of course she would also most likely choose a bold contrasting color, like red or orange, and I'm not sure that is the style you are going for...but it wouldn't look bad.

Lauren said...

it's on ebay:


Lauren said...

and here too:


and here


PleaseRecycle said...

Thanks guys! I can't afford to buy a whole bunch of the new stuff right now... but my plan is to get at least one place setting and then fill in with some complimentary color- white, blue, grey. That makes me sound boring and conservative, doesn't it?

LSULiv said...

Nope! Just classic and elegant :)

GrantieSal said...

my sister-in-law Denise completed her pattern by letting people know she wanted her china when they asked about brithday, christmas presents, etc. It really was great knowing I could get her something she really loved & needed, and not some chatski she would eventually throw away! Now that I know, I'll keep an eye out for your pattern!