happy list

Nicola and Anita will appreciate this (if they haven't discovered it already):

the Things to Be Happy About website.

Anita introduced me to the book, 14,000 Things to Be Happy About, and it inspired Nicola and I to start our own happy list that has continued to be updated for 10+ years .

I've posted about the happy list before, but it is so great it is worth mentioning again and again. It is very therapeutic. It is simple to write in and fun to look back on. It's a diary of sorts, but there is no need for context.

My additions for today:

the local library
mint chocolate chip ice cream
a good lecture
being cozy inside on a rainy day
friends who bring you food
people who are "handy"
the BBC

I have had the "real" happy list for quite a while now... guess it's time to send it back to Nicola. It will be on it's way soon!


nea said...

i can't wait. i have taken to occasionally posting a mini list on my blog, with photos. just did a new one this weekend, actually. happy minds think alike. i love how often we repeat things over the years. we know what makes us happy!

BookyG said...

I remember the happy list. It means more now that over a decade has passed.

salsita said...

Okay, I feel compelled to add...

*Hearing President-Elect Barak Obama's speech
*bundling up in a beanie and scarf for the first time this season
*cozy winter fires
*hitting a vein on my first try at phlebotomy
*hearing my first heart murmur
*rocking a baby
*hugs. good, real ones.
*family dinners

salsita said...

p.s. another side note...my happy list always meant so much to me. I have my original still in an old journal. It is written in many different colors, in pen, in pencil, was written in happiness and in times when I was really longing for happiness. AND, it still makes me happy to read it. I think I need to dig it out.

Anonymous said...

Ok since I remember the original I will add one too.
*** Friends that keep in touch since H.S., grammar school and CC/ST dances ***
it is so nice that we all still keep in touch! When is the next reunion? eh

Rhian said...

Inspired by your happy list with NEA (though I didn't know it was you it went to until this post!) I started a "5 things that made me smile last week" list a while back on my blog. I update it weekly, and it really helped me get over my disenchantment with moving away from a place and from people, that I love. Now i'm happier in general I was thinking of taking it down, but to be honest, sometimes it's just good to realise that there were happy moments in otherwise sucky weeks. Thanks so much!

BookyG said...

You know, I was never part of the happy list (I think by choice). But I remember it, and I remember thinking you all were dorks for it, but I like dorks. I still kinda think you're dorks, but I love the fact that you still have it! So my happy list consists of one item: knowing that all those high school happy lists still exist.

PleaseRecycle said...

Thanks, Genevieve! I think I prefer the term "cool-ly challenged" though.